The best places to visit in April 2023

April is a fabulous time of year to travel. Why? Well, there is no such thing as a bad time of year to travel, but the blossoming spring in the northern hemisphere makes April a little extra beautiful. Down south? Okay, the weather can get a little dicey, but there is still plenty to love about travelling in the month of Aphrodite.

The best places to travel in April cover plenty of ground, from one of the best-kept secrets in Europe to cherry blossoms in the capital of modern democracy. Check out our selection, and get booking those flights.
1. Lake Tahoe, USA
April is the perfect middle-ground month for visiting Lake Tahoe. Fewer visitors, longer days, the same old beauty. What’s not to like? Lake Tahoe is peeking out of its burrow once spring comes around, and there is something truly magical about being one of the first on the scene. A decent amount of snow remains, so skiing is still an option, although rising temperatures allow for charming walks and all the rest.
2. Beirut, Lebanon
Once known as the ‘Paris of the East’ but then devastated through years of civil strife, the Lebanese capital of Beirut has had a tumultuous few years but remains loved by locals and tourists alike for being one of the most vibrant, cosmopolitan and liberal cities in the Middle East. April is a fabulous time to get out on foot—stroll the Corniche, or meander around Byblos just to the north.
3. Japan
Yes, April is easily the most popular time to visit Japan – but there’s a very, very good reason for that. Cherry blossom – or sakura, in Japanese – sweeps up the country from mid-March all the way through to May, cloaking the nation in a dusting of ridiculously pretty pink ‘n’ white petals. The season kicks off in the warmer south (Fukuoka, Kyushu and the like), before working its way north through Kansai, Kanto, Tohoku and finally Hokkaido. Hunting the blossom northwards is a great way to see the length of Japan – and now the country is finally fully reopened, there’s nothing to stop you!
4. Belize
Belize may not have much landmass, but what it lacks in quantity, it more than makes up for in quality. It has its very own barrier reef (second only in size to Australia’s more famous one), which is where you’ll find the iconic Great Blue Hole. Inland await ancient Mayan ruins, and it is all pleasantly balmy in April.
5. North Macedonia
The ‘undiscovered’ tag attached to the Balkans is a misnomer (the summer crowds in Sarajevo, Belgrade, and the rest are proof of that), but North Macedonia remains bizarrely off the radar of most travellers. Head here in April to find your new favourite place, from the consul architecture of Bitola to the mountain beauty and monuments of Kruševo, via shimmering Lake Ohrid, kitschy capital Skopje and more. The mosque in Tetovo might be the most beautiful in the entire region.
6. Hawaii, USA
Hawaii enjoys beautiful weather and comfortable temperatures year-round, with temperatures reliably staying above 26C/79F and below 31C/88F. April, however, is a particularly pleasant time to visit, slipping in between the spring and summer vacation seasons. The entire Hawaiian archipelago comprises over 100 islands, and the top draws include Maui, Oahu and Kauai.
7. Stockholm, Sweden
This ridiculously stylish Swedish city, spread across numerous islands linked by over 50 bridges, is a delight to visit in April: temperatures are still chilly (7C/44F, so dress warmly), but days are often bright and sunny, and by the end of the month have doubled in length (8 hours of light) compared to the start of March. Other than the views of the city itself, top attractions include the Nobel Museum and Storkyrkan Cathedral, a 13th-century masterpiece.

8. Costa Rica
Sun worshippers, get your buns to Costa Rica. April is the hottest month of the year here, with temperatures hovering in the late 30s (centigrade), and there isn’t much in the way of rain to break the cycle. That makes it the perfect time to explore the beaches before finding shade in the enchanting old towns, before the onset of wetter weather in May and June. Don’t forget the sun cream, whatever you do.
9. San Diego, USA
With temperatures practically guaranteed to idle around the 20C/68F mark (combined with plenty of sunshine), San Diego is a fine choice for April. Sandwiched quietly between the busyness of spring breaks and summer tourist season, the best things to see and do—like Balboa Park, the San Diego Zoo and the USS Midway Museum—can be experienced in relative tranquillity.
10. Cape Town, South Africa
South Africa’s capital enjoys a temperate year-round climate, rarely dipping below 20C/68F or exceeding 30C/87F, and April usually hits the sweet spot right in the middle. Being in the southern hemisphere means the seasons are flipped, so this marks the start of autumn, which means the air is a bit cooler, but the sea retains the summer heat. If shark diving isn’t your cup of tea, try hiking up Table Mountain or taking the ferry to Robben Island.
11. Spain
Spain encompasses a vast region and topography, so the April climate will depend on where you go, but generally speaking, coastal areas—which include the Catalonian capital of Barcelona—are balmy, enjoying temperatures of around 20C/68F (brave travellers can enjoy sea-swimming). Further south, the beautiful Andalusia region is even warmer, though still comfortable enough to explore on foot its pretty villages, like Frigiliana, before the stifling heat of summer arrives.
12. Washington D.C., USA
While Japan’s cherry blossom season seems to grab most of the world’s attention, Washington D.C. has a pretty good one too, which typically spans late March into early April. The best place to see it is the Tidal Basin, where over 3,000 trees transform into radiant blooms. The weather can be slightly unpredictable at this time of year, swinging between cold rainy days and warm sunny ones, so keep an eye on the forecast before you jet off.
13. Venice, Italy
Venice, Venice, Venice. What else is there to say about arguably Europe’s most popular tourist destination? The famous city can get a little claustrophobic in summer, but spring is a surprisingly accessible time for this place. Sure, there are still plenty of people, but the air is a little thinner and the streets a little quieter, making it easier to find a way under the skin of Venice and into its poetic soul. Prices are a little lower too, which is never bad here.

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